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Welcome to Miyoshi City
  • The city? It is much more like the countryside here, retaining charm of good-old-days Japan. Blessed with varied scenery from idyllic rural landscape to steep mountain valley. Known for famous vine bridges suspended over valley and their historical romances highlighted by the legend of Heike fugitives. Why not stop here for a few days and relax at some of open-air hot springs!

Miyoshi City – Recommended sightseeing spots

The City boasts the natural beauty of Oboke & Koboke Gorges, Kurozo Marshland, Mt. Ryugatake with its sheer cliffs and beautiful foliage in autumn and Mt. Tsurugi, the second highest peak in Shikoku. The historical and cultural heritage includes Unpenji, the 66th temple on the 88 temples pilgrimage, and the Iya Valley with its vine bridges and legendary ties to the Heike clan and much more to see.

Access to Miyoshi City in Tokushima

Access to Miyoshi City Tokushima
Located in western part of Tokushima pref. The city extends to the area of 720 square kilometers and 90% of that is consisted from mountainous landscape. It has the Tsurugi mountain range rising in the south and the Yoshino river running across middle of the city.
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Contact / Miyoshi City Office of Commerce,Industry & Tourism(Tourist information contact 0120-404-344)
2145-1 Machi, Ideda Cho, Miyoshi City, Tokushima 778-0002
TEL:0883-72-7620 FAX:0883-76-0203
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